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Moshi is a small and lively Tanzanian market town. It is the capital of the Kilimanjaro region. What makes Moshi so unique is the fact that it is hidden behind one of the world’s most beautiful scenery, the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro. No matter where you wander around in Moshi, the mountain is always within reach. The town is located at an altitude of 890m above sea level. Moshi is the kind of place where you can relax in a friendly atmosphere and it’s easy to get in contact with the locals. Spend a few days in Moshi and see what it has to offer.

The volcanic soils on the mountain slopes is very fertile allowing for coffee and bananas to thrive. Moshi is one of the two leading coffee producing towns in Tanzania and you will know this from the sweet smelling air coming from the main coffee processing factory. Three main tribal groups call Moshi home – The Chagga, Pare and Maasai. The Chagga are the dominant tribe in the town and surrounding villages. They are known for their hard work, business acumen and friendly nature. The Masai homesteads are further north and away from the town.

Most of the Masai in Moshi town are employed as watchmen or come to sell their traditional handcrafts and medicines. The main language spoken in the town is Swahili but you will find that most people on the street speak good English. Although Moshi is a coffee and sugar producing town, tourism is very important to the economy of the town. Most tourist who visit Moshi do so on their way to and from climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.


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