Materuni Waterfalls

Materuni is one of the few villages of wonder in Northern Tanzania sitting at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The village is blessed with full of all the beauty worth much visiting for holiday, week-end outing or vacation. While in the village, scenic view of Moshi town and Mount Kilimanjaro is astonishing. This green village with fresh air from green vegetation welcomes visitors to explore the beauty of the land and cultural heritage of the Chagga people.

A cultural experience such as banana beer brewed or coffee roasted the traditional way can be added to your hike.From Materuni village we will walk some 30 minutes to the waterfall. The walk itself is extremely Interesting, As you will see some smaller waterfalls and lots of waterways which are part of the Irrigation system of the local farmers who grow Coffee, Bananas and many other fruits and vegetables.

- Materuni waterfall and Coffee tour, package include Chagga hot lunch and 1 bottle of water. USD 25 per person, plus transport USD 50.


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